I feel...

Listening is important. When I was hired by UT-TV, a nationally-syndicated medical network seen on 54 television stations across the United States, they said I had great imagination and a wealth of ideas. The reality is that most of my ideas come from those around me.

Most employers and school administrators spend their time imposing their beliefs on employees. The people at the top make decisions impacting everyone with input from only a few. Unfortunately, the few selected for advice often are selected because they hold the same misconceptions as administrators.

Lester Maddox and George Wallace would have been in total agreement with each other over the civil rights problems of the 1960's; however, their attitudes were discriminatory. Truth and wise decisions come about when advice is shared freely from a diverse community.

I got the opportunity to test his beliefs when I became operations director for a Houston ambulance organization in 1989. Initially the company had 3 ambulances and 17 employees. My employees provided valuable input that allowed the company to grow to 12 ambulances and 67 employees within four years. During that time, I obtained and oversaw the EMS contract with the Harris County Hospital District, serving the third largest county in the United States.